Saturday, 25 June 2011

Mystery Tube Amp

Managed to find this old gem at a garage sale, the fellow who owned it was so excited that somebody knew what it was that he just gave it to me! 
 Is it just me or did Spock sign this amp?

This apparently homemade amplifier is dated as "Spring 1964", and is lovingly adorned with some really shitty handwriting - in the world of techies, handwriting and mad geek skillz are inversely proportional.  And as far as a name?  Hold on to your asshole, the guy named it "AMPLIFIER"!  Looking at the semi-legible scribble on the front, I'm pretty certain the things signed by Spock.  With a logical name like AMPLIFIER, it adds up. Emotionless bastard.  At any rate, pretty sure AMPLIFIER is going to kick some serious ass.


Point-to-Point wiring goodness!
Plastic bag contains large resistors 

I think those two jacks are speaker outputs, I plan on repurposing them into guitar inputs.  Maybe Ill call it GUITAR AMPLIFIER.  Beam me up, shithead.

I dont know whats up with the tube sockets on the side.  Part of me wants to assume It will work without them and I wont have to summon dark forces to figure out what tubes it needs.  But then again part of me just woke up from one motherfucker of a tequila hangover, we'll see what happens.

I'll keep this updated with the progress of its repair, I've already found some mystery wires floating around in there that I'll have to reconnect. 

EDIT:  After "Donating" it to my local IEEE student branch where I intended to pursue its repair, someone took it upon themselves to "Donate" it to the trash heap.  Oh well.

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