Friday, 10 February 2012

Junk Monitor Repair...?

As an active packrat and avid DIY-guy, I often take it upon myself to fix busted junk that I come across.  This usually treats me pretty well.  Today, as I stumbled across this beauty, I couldnt resist:

Fig 1: Magic pornography box needs repair

It even came complete with a forboding warning... good thing I got to this before Peter did...
Fig 2: Screw Peter

As per my usual test procedure, I plugged it in to to the wall to see what it does.
Fig 3: What the hell?

Usually I cringe at a sign like this, because it often means that the problem is something very intricate.  In most cases, an easy fix such as a blown fuse, busted power supply, or a bad connection result in no operation whatsoever.
Moving on, the next logical thing to do is to plug it into a computer:

Fig 4: Sweet.

What the shit? Some total chump threw out a working monitor!  Refer to Fig 5 for an artists rendition of the incident. I figure it had a bad power cable, a bad VGA cable, or perhaps the DVI video port is screwed - dont have anything with DVI to test with at the moment.  But in any case, I scored a free monitor!  Thanks, chumpo!

Fig 5: A wild chump, seen here at his chumpiest

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